Back to school

Posted by Jeff Beeman on Sun, 08/05/2007 - 22:18

Billy Madison

It took me a while, but I've finally finished the process of applying, registering and signing up for my Master's in Educational Technology at ASU. I start on August 20 with EDT501 and 502, which should give me a good intro to the program and, to be honest, help me figure out if it's really something I'm interested in continuing for a couple of years. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the classroom. I'm also a little nervous, as I haven't had mandatory homework for about four years now. I have strong hopes for the program, as they have a flexible curriculum and a focus on gaming that should be right up my alley.

Since I'm starting back into the academic swing of things, I figured I'd make another go at posting here for a while. I found when I was in school before I had lots of things to talk about - and hopefully this time will be no different. I also plan on starting work on some more personal projects, which will be showcased here. Finally, I've begun work on getting a portfolio put together for the site. Assembling the structure was a snap using the CCK, Views, Imagefield and Link modules for Drupal. Now I just need to get over my laziness and post up my work.

While it's been several months since I posted about it, I'm still really enjoying road biking. I certainly haven't done anything beyond casual riding yet, and I may never do so, but it's a fantastic and fun way to stay in shape.