EDT791: My "Dear John" Letter

Posted by Jeff Beeman on Wed, 02/20/2008 - 09:53

Dear Persona 3,

I want to like you. I did like you... and maybe I still do. I just don't think you want me to like you any more.

Throughout our first ten hours together, you guided me through experiences I never dreamed I would enjoy. You showed me how to have a relationship, and even how to make my relationships with others stronger. We would sit in my living room and talk until the early morning about everything from love to death to psychology. I felt like I barely had to do a thing and you would shower your affection upon me through gifts and attention. It was a special time I'll not soon forget.

But, somehow, things have changed. It happened slowly and without notice, but now, twenty-five hours into it, I suddenly realize that somehow we've fallen into an inescapable rut. Our relationship feels like work; like a routine. You take me to the same places again and again, and we haven't done anything new in weeks. I feel like the only time I ever have any fun with you is when we're in school. Even then we're just doing the same things we've always done.

All you ever want to do at night is take me to that boring tower with its monotonous gray corridors, and there's nothing to do there but walk around and ride the elevator. Does that sound like something I want to do? Worse yet is that you don't ever reciprocate for the effort I put into our relationship. I work for hours to do something nice for you, only to have you shun me and ask me to work twice as long. Then, when I've finally made you happy, my only reward is an hour of fun followed by a relapse into our routine again.

Maybe one day we'll run into each other again, and we can hang out for a while as friends. I might even enjoy going back to the tower occasionally, for old time's sake. But I just can't commit to this relationship any more. I will never look at another game in the same way again, and I thank you for that. There are a lot of other gamers out there who will love you for what you are - but I'm just not one of them.