[Updated] Upgrading your site to Drupal 6.x: Handout for July 2009 ASU Drupal Users Group

Posted by Jeff Beeman on Thu, 07/23/2009 - 07:31

[Update] I've updated the handout to be a single page, cleaned-up a lot of the instruction, and fixed several typos. Please see the revised handout below.

An additional note: If you use the handout to assist your site upgrade process, please do me a favor and fill out a brief survey.

Original post:

Attached below is the handout from the July 2009 ASU Drupal Users Group workshop. Use this handout to help you cover all the steps necessary to upgrade your site from Drupal 5.x to 6.x. It contains a module inventory worksheet and a site review checklist that can be used to help you make sure your site is fully functional after the upgrade.

Note: I created this handout for the ASU DUG workshop as well as an assignment for one of the courses I'm in at ASU. If you use the handout as an aid when performing a site upgrade, please let me know so that I can send you a link to a brief survey about your experience with it. The survey will help me get a better understanding of how you used the handout and how it can be improved.

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