A functional difference

I spent two hours trying to solve a niggling Internet Explorer problem the other night. It involves a module I'm writing that needs to fudge the autocomplete path generated Drupal's autocomplete textfield form element. I wanted to base the path in one autocomplete textfield based on the result of another autocomplete textfield (if it had data in it). It took just a bit of experimentation to get this working perfectly in Firefox and I was really pleased with the results and happy that I didn't have to hack anything in core.

Scattante R650

For the past several weeks I've been contemplating picking up a road bike. My good friend and coworker, Josh, has been track racing for years and is always telling me I should give it a shot. My brother, Scott, is relatively new to the sport, having received a gently used road bike from some family friends about a year ago. He has nothing but praise for the sport, as well. It didn't take much pressure or manipulation on their part to get me very interested in the sport.

Personalized theme is up

Well, sometimes a little motivation is all you need to get going. I've ported my old WordPress theme to Drupal. The port went quite smoothly considering the fairly different architecture of the two systems. I think that the ease of the move really speaks to the ease of theme development in both platforms.

New theme - GlossyBlue

I've setup the site to use the new Drupal port of the GlossyBlue theme. So far I'm finding it to be very clean, usable and (from my quick glance at the source) semantic and easy to build upon.

Eventually I'll put up something i design myself, but it'll take some time to get to it.


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